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Today I was pleased to read “Flaws Can Cancel Life Insurance – After Death,” in the L.A. Times, an article that exposes the practice of post-claim underwriting in life insurance that leads to the cancellation of policies, and that also tells the story of Jean Lin, one of my clients.

The article provides¬†a very good account of how life insurance companies scrutinize applications after an insured dies within the 2-year contestability period for “material misrepresentations,” and then deny coverage to beneficiaries who are in financial need. Insurance companies claim that policyholders did not tell the truth in their applications, justifying the denial of benefits to their beneficiaries.¬†

But the article discusses how agents may not properly and honestly take applications and how insurance companies often only investigate policies after a claim has been made rather than before issuing the policy.

The last section of the article tells the story of my client, Jean Lin, who was denied payment on the life insurance policy of her husband when it was discovered that his successfully treated hepatitis B — a condition that is common in the Asian population — was not disclosed in the application. According to Mrs. Lin, the agent filled out the application and never asked about hepatitis B.

This is an article that is very much worth reading.

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