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Call it a weekend roundup — there are several news items relating to life insurance that caught my eye this Saturday. Well, actually, there are three items. After all, how many life insurance articles can there be in the mainstream media on an average weekend?

Fox Business has an article that is relevant for life insurance policyholders who, due to the rough economy, are contemplating dropping their life insurance coverage. Indeed, many families are doing this because they feel that life insurance is something they can do without while needing to take of more pressing expenses such as rent or mortgage payments, automobile expenses, and food. The article discusses ways that people can reduce the cost of their life insurance payments while they weather current economic conditions.

Interested in the life settlement industry? Businessweek has an article about a possible SEC investigation of Life Partners for how it values life expectancy.

A little while back, I posted about how California is investigating John Hancock for turning a blind eye to when life insurance policyholders pass away, thus escaping the duty to pay the death benefit. Well, it looks like Florida is jumping into the fray with other life insurance companies. You can read more about it here. The article has a great title: “Why Your Life Insurance Company Doesn’t Care If You’re Dead.”

Enjoy the weekend!

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